Dear Reader


In this blog you will have the opportunity to follow two trips: one in summer and one in the middle of the Russian winter. As we begin this fantastic trip, we try to share the facts and photos with readers who are interested in learning about Russia, whether for a […]



TRAVELLING is easy, it does not require practice or skill, talent or competence.   To leave the house no more need than desire and willingness. Traveling with art – looking at the target with the desembaçada view with an open mind to the world and people – this   which […]

a Dream


My dream to meet Russia comes from when I studied the Imperialist period, and ra of the Czars and the Russian Revolution, there in late high school.   That, still almost an early age, if I said that was going to meet those lands, would be labeled as crazy dreamer […]

Winter Travel


SCRIPT: MOSCOW – Yekaterinburg – NOVOSIBIRSK – VLADIVOSTOK – MOSCOW When we made our first trip to Russia in July 2010, so summer in the northern hemisphere, we had the dream of knowing Trasiberiana and logically Siberia. We were told by various travelers various parts of the world and also […]